First, the info you most want to know:

  • LOCATION:  I’m a freelance writer located in Central New York (CNY) between Syracuse, NY and Utica, NY
  • RATE:  I charge $50/hour or a negotiable per-article rate for regularly scheduled content
  • EXPERIENCE: I’ve worked in marketing writing and strategy for 7 years. I’ve freelanced for the past 3 years for a wide variety of clients, writing everything from online articles and blogs to web copy to internet marketing strategy proposals
  • WHY SHOULD YOU WORK WITH ME? I’m a passionate writer with a strong background in strategy and SEO. And I genuinely want to produce great work and make life easier for my clients
  • HOW SHOULD YOU CONTACT ME? However you feel most comfortable. You can e-mail me at saralrfurlong@gmail.com. You can call me at (315)264-8514. Message me on Twitter: @saralrfurlong. Or connect with me on Linkedin.

And the long-winded version:

I’m Sara Furlong and I want to write for you.

But wait a minute – I don’t just want to write for you. I want to make you giddy with delight when you read my work. And I want you to breathe a sigh of relief that the process was so quick and hassle-free.

I’ve worked for or with eight different agencies and I’ve done just about every kind of writing that the field of advertising requires. I bend over backwards for my clients and I am confident that you will be happy with my work.

But enough about me. I’m a copywriter, so I know we need to get to the “what’s in it for you” – and quick. So here’s what you can expect if you decide to work with me:

  • Strong writing.
    When you hire me, you can expect writing that is technically correct, consistent, and emotionally engaging.
  • Creativity.
    I’m not just a nice girl who can form a proper sentence and knows a lot about grammar. When you need that out-of-the-box idea that’s going to knock your client’s socks off, call me.
  • Dependability.
    I strive to be easy to work with by:
    Turning projects around quickly.
    I may be a freelancer, but I work in advertising and I expect tight deadlines. I understand if you call me and need something overnight, and I’m a good enough prioritizer that I can usually make it happen.
    Fostering strong lines of communication.
    I’ll never leave you in the dark on the status of a project and I’ll always do what I say I’ll do.
  • Quality.
    My desire to please my clients is two-fold:
    1.  The need to impress you with my work is psychologically ingrained in me from childhood.
    I grew up in a house where my dad would ask immediately upon my return from school, “how many A’s did we get today?” B’s, although considered “above average,” were not an option. And, today, I’m still not satisfied with “above average” work. I always aim to go the extra mile for my clients.
    2. I love what I do.
    I am absolutely enthralled by advertising and derive immense pleasure from writing and creative concepting. The one way I can ensure that I will continue to have the privilege of being a freelance writer is by always delivering the best quality work that I possibly can.
  • Strong strategy background.
    I’ve worked closely with some pretty brilliant marketing strategists. I have a strong grasp of strategy and keep current on new marketing methods. Some clients even pay me to write marketing articles for their newsletters, e-mail blasts, and blogs.
  • Reasonable rates.
    I charge a reasonable hourly fee for time I spend researching, brainstorming and writing. I don’t charge for time spent briefing me or discussing projects. If you want to keep a project within a certain budget, we can decide how many hours should be spent on the project before we begin.
  • I’m glad to visit.
    I’m centrally located between Utica and Syracuse and would be thrilled to come meet you, sit in on a project discussion or brainstorming session, or meet with your clients.
  • Not a weirdo.
    Inappropriate? Maybe. But let’s face it, some creative freelancers can be a little off-kilter. I’m a normal person (for the most part) and you can feel comfortable having me contact or meet with your clients, if need be.

Sound good? Give me a call at 315.264.8514 or e-mail me at saralrfurlong@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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