20 Blogs All CNY Copywriters & Bloggers Should Read

Despite a sub-par job market, I’ve had the good fortune of landing two great creative positions here in Central New York. For the past 3.5 years, I’ve worked under the title of account creative at MPW Marketing in Clinton, NY. This was an absolutely outstanding experience, as I was able to work closely with topnotch marketing strategists and to gain confidence as an advertising creative.

A few days ago, I accepted a job as senior copywriter/client advocate at Designworks Advertising in Syracuse, NY. I’m really excited because I’ve heard lots of great things about this creative team. Of course, I’m sad to leave my MPW peeps, but I’m stoked that such a big portion of my 40-hour workweek will be devoted to the craft of writing.

As a writer, I feel the best way to keep the work from getting stale is to continually strive to get better. That’s why I was excited when I came across the blog post 20 Must Read Blogs for a Successful Copywriter.

Granted, these blogs are recommended for those focused on online copy writing careers – but a lot of them are really good! I’ve visited some before and some are new to me. But I thought all are worth sharing, so below you’ll find the list of blogs with links. Their subject matter is in parenthesis.

Problogger (blogging & writing)

Dumb Little Man (personal development & productivity)

Copyblogger (blogging & copywriting)

Zen Habits & Write To Done (writing, blogging & creative)

The Writers Manifesto (writing)

The Simple Dollar (finance)

Chris Garrett (internet marketing, freelance writing & blogging)

Dosh Dosh (freelance heaven)

Seth Godin (freelance writing & blogging)

43 Folders (productivity)

Life Hacker (freelance writing, just a great blog)

Entrepreneurs Journey (blogging & entrepreneurs)

Men With Pens (improving writing skills & content)

Chris Pearson (most sought after freelance WordPress designer)

Daily Blog Tips (duh)

Steve Pavlina (4,000 word essays)

Skelliewag (blogging)

Life Hack (productivity)

Chris Brogan (social media)

Syracuse University to offer Blogging Course

Many Central New York businesses and organizations are realizing that blogging is an important part of online strategy. Blogs are a great way to engage current and potential customers, to build relationships and to optimize online content for search engines. So it’s no surprise that local universities are offering courses to teach students how to harness the power of blogs. I just read a press release that Syracuse University will be hosting a week-long blog-writing course called “Blogging for Information Professionals.”

During grad school at SU, I had the opportunity to take a few of these week-long Maymester courses and found that I learned a surprising amount of information in those short periods of time. I’d recommend them to anyone, and this particular course sounds great.

  • The course is offered by professional blogger Sean Keeley. He is the editor of the sports blog sbnation.com and maintains two of his own blogs: nunesmagician.com and freemontuniverse.com.
  • The course will cover pertinent blogging topics such as how to build a blog, how to make money from blogging, and how blogging differs from reporting.
  • Other discussion topics to be featured in the course: the symbiotic relationship of bloggers and journalists, using a genuine voice, and how important blogging is for all companies and organizations.

It almost makes me wish I was still a student as I’m always interested to hear what’s working for different bloggers. Think I could disguise myself as a college student? Eh – probably not.  I don’t own a pair of  brightly -colored galoshes.

MPW Wins Award of Excellence for National Print Ad.

The ad agency I work for, MPW Marketing, located here in Central New York, has won loads of awards for our Totaline ad campaign. Here’s a press release I wrote about a recent award:

MPW Marketing, a Clinton-based advertising agency, recently won an advertising excellence award for a print ad they created for Totaline, a division of Carrier Corporation.

MPW received the award based on the results of a study that found the ad to be highly remembered by readers of the national publication in which it was featured. The study reports that 77% of readers recalled the ad.

This is not the first award MPW has won for their zany Totaline ad campaign. Over the last two years, MPW received 19 Readex Awards for their memorable ads. “We’ve created over 50 print ads for Totaline but continually challenge ourselves to come up with increasingly imaginative and visually-compelling ads,” said Sara Furlong, MPW account creative.

However, MPW owner Matt Wilson points out that the company’s pride in the award runs deeper than creativity. “The really great thing about this award is it is based on statistically-sound research that measures the effectiveness of the ad. It is true we always try to come up with creative and surprising ideas, but our number one goal at MPW Marketing is to give our clients a product that works because it speaks to their target audience.”

Totaline marketing manager Jim Flynn agrees. “With the amount of money we spend advertising in these national publications, it is great to know our ads are being remembered by the right people,” he said.

In addition to creativity and good strategy, MPW Marketing attributes their success in the Totaline print ad campaign to Nancy L. Ford, the Utica-based photographer who shoots the Totaline ads. “We come to Nancy with some pretty crazy ideas and she’s never failed us in bringing them to life,” Furlong explained.

The award-winning Totaline print ads created by MPW can be viewed at totaline.com/contractor/news.cfm.