“As an Account Creative at MPW Marketing, Sara helped deliver a bold body of fresh creative work for a line of heating and cooling parts that might otherwise have been considered boring. Sara developed a keen ability to help our Category Managers discern benefits of their products and then translated those benefits into fun, meaningful creative concepts. Following brainstorming, writing and selection, Sara coordinated multiple complex and concept-driven photo/video shoots.

The result? A body of advertising materials that dramatically stood out from the dull copycat marketing of our competitors. Sara and the MPW Marketing team successfully executed my challenging vision for a mere fraction of the cost of a traditional ad agency.

The work that Sara did for MPW continues to deliver not only advertising recognition awards, but more importantly, results. As an added plus, she has a quirky yet warm sense of humor that calms clients and subjects; Sara is a fun and rewarding person to work with, which is a must for this field.”

Michael Dziok, Director of Marketing, Carrier Enterprise

“I have worked with Sara for 3 years when she was with her last employer and we truly miss her here. Her attention to detail and creativity far surpass everyone I worked with in her position. She is very easy and fun to work with.”

Neal Ruscitto, Aftermarket Design, Development & Advertising, Carrier Corporation

“I have worked with Sara on several different accounts and many projects. I am always impressed with how quickly Sara grasps the challenge and quickly comes up with a creative solution. Her writing skills are second-to-none and creative strategy excellent! I would recommend Sara to anyone looking to work with a top-notch advertising and marketing professional.”

Daniel Roche, Partner, Cowley Associates

“Sara’s writing abilities are amazing. I work with her as head of SEO at Cowley Associates and the content she created on our websites based on the keywords I recommended is awesome: extremely well written, professional, highly search engine optimized, and fun! I highly recommend her services and am glad we employ her skills at our agency.”

Joe Cunningham, Internet Marketing Manager, Cowley Associates

“Sara’s dedication to get the best possible outcome for MPW’s clients through timeliness, detail, and teamwork makes her a great person to have on any project team. She approaches everything with a positive, fun attitude, while maintaining a high degree of professionalism.”

Michael Sprague, Director of Web Development, Hamilton College

“Sara Furlong is intelligent, insightful and creative. Her outgoing personality and fantastic sense of humor allows her to adapt to a wide range of situations and people. She genuinely cares about the people she works with – from clients to co-workers – and lends an almost infectious energy to any project with which she’s involved. Additionally, her experience working in academic institutions has made her uniquely qualified to understand the marketing needs of schools, colleges and universities. If you are looking for someone who can bring enthusiasm, understanding and intellect to your next project, you’ve made an excellent choice in Sara.”

–Stephanie Tanner, Writer & PR Specialist, MPW Marketing

“Sara is an orchestrator, capable of coordinating large-scale, multi-platformed media projects with ease, efficiency, and assurance. The end product speaks for itself.”

Jeffrey Alan Miller, Commercial Actor

“Sara managed to achieve strong results for our company despite our miniscule budget. She was always able to find interesting angles
for press releases, produced several leads online, and even got our cashiers involved in helping to persuade potential leads to take the next step. She is a creative leader who gets things done.”

Louis Ryan, Owner, Ryan’s General LLC

“Sara was an excellent, very organized employee. One thing that sticks out about her was her ability to keep people on track and get things moving to get deadlines on time. Sara would be a very valuable asset for any company!”

Chris Rosado, Web Developer, MPW Marketing

“Sara is a well-tuned woman whose ideas come to life with a creative spark. Her energy helps keep the project fun and dedication makes sure it’s perfect.”

Jason Sumner, Art Director – Owner, JS Design

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