Why CNY Businesses Should Spend Money on Search Engine Optimization.

Today, most Central New York business owners know they need a website and have at least heard of search engine optimization. Many are even concerned about SEO and spend a good amount of time wondering how they can get to the top of the search engine rankings.They think, “if only I could be #1…” And then they call an agency, like the one I work for.

We analyze their website, write up a plan and meet with the business owner. Sometimes, our recommendations are simple. Sometimes, we have to tell them that the flash website they spent a pretty penny on should be scrapped and rebuilt. All too often, they are reluctant to spend the money.

I feel bad when a potential client walks away from a proposal that includes search engine optimization. (And it’s not because we’re missing out on business — we are very busy!) By the time a client says ‘no,’ we’ve had a number of conversations with them, heard about their goals and vision, and we really want them to succeed. And, most important, we know we can help them do it.

But, as I said before, we’re busy and we move on. And then in a few months, I’ll notice that the same client who said no to spending money optimizing their website is all over the yellow pages, radio and newspaper. And I just shake my head.

Often these clients don’t even come up on the first page when their own name is Googled, so when a potential customer hears their ad and turns to the internet to find out more (as a great percentage of customers will), they won’t find the information they need to choose that business.

And what about the huge majority of potential customers who START their search for products and services ONLINE?


The plot thickens. I run into that same potential client. I find a tactful way to mention I saw their ads, and ask why they chose to allocate their budget in such a way. The following seem to be the top 2 reasons business owners make this mistake:


They spent thousands on a website and when it was launched, they were hopeful that customers would flock to their beautiful site and business would boom. And then…nothing happened. And their dreams were crushed. Now they are worried about putting more money into the web when they’ve received no returns on their initial web investment.This is very sad, because many websites are made by designers and programmers, not marketers. So they lack the strategy to generate ROI. This is nothing against web designers. Their job is to produce a tool that will help businesses to favorably represent their brand. Unfortunately, for the business, if they don’t take the next step to market their website, they’ve wasted their money.


And at least when they get business from a physical ad, they know where their business is coming from. This answer blows my mind, because almost everything we do on-line is super trackable and it is so easy to monitor ROI.

Why Invest In SEO?

The Internet Book put it well: Not optimizing is “like opening a retail store on a dead end street, which means you’ll get no drive-by traffic.” With the majority of consumers looking for goods and services online, your position on the information superhighway is important!

How important is Search Engine Optimization?

According to Optify, the top 3 results in google get a WHOPPING 58% of clicks! The results of their recent study show that the #1 result gets an average of 36.4% of clicks. Those in second place 12.5% and those in third 9.5%.

An earlier Chikita study found THE SAME RESULTS. They found that the #1 spot on Google gets 34.35% of traffic.

Furthermore, Optify finds that being further back than page two has no real business value for you at all.

What is your search engine ranking? Type your location and industry into Google. Are you #3 or higher? If not, give us a call at 315.264.8514. We love to talk with Central New York business about how they can help their websites to work harder.

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