What’s so great about Twitter?

This is a bulleted list that I ranted off the top of my head in an e-mail. Sorry if it is confusing! Someday I’ll revisit and make a proper article of this. 🙂

I love Twitter because:

  • The more I use twitter the more personalized it becomes because Twitter will dish up people it thinks I will like based on who I’m following and what information I seek. Plus, I weed out what I don’t want.
  • All the information I want (want being the key word) comes right to me in one stream. There could be something from a comedian I’m following, a couple of articles from a news source I like, a bunch of different articles on children’s lit that might be useful for my blog, the special at Nola’s, parenting and seo articles, etc all on one page. And it’s not watered by a bunch of stuff i don’t want because i can delete anyone who is posting things that don’t interest me..
  • I get connected with people who are actively interested in very specific things I am interested in, and we have discussions on it. For example, I have another blog about children’s poetry and lit. I’m connected with a bunch of people on twitter who are also interested in this and are constantly blogging about it so I am constantly getting fed current information. Plus, people use hash tags to mark specific conversation topics, so i can type in or click #kidlit or #poetryshare or something and will find all the comments anyone on twitter has made about the topic recently, whether i follow them or not.
  • Many of the people on twitter want to be followed by a lot of people, so that gives them the motivation to provide quality content. The better the content you put up, the more people will share it with their followers and the more followers you’ll get.
  • You can gauge how you’re doing and how useful the information is to the people you’re targeting based on how many people share it. Experimenting like this allows you to learn what kinds of messages and information your people like. Plus, trying to get more followers based on the quality of my info challenges me to constantly be creating quality posts.
  • Being connected with a group of people who know about things you are interested in gives you access to answers. If you have a question, you can put it out to your followers. and then they might come back with an answer. For example you might say: “has anyone had any success in getting FB followers by building custom facebook tabs for clients?” They will type back:  “@mpwdubbs: yes, i have. got tons of followers for a pizza place and a toy store recently.” you will see this because there is a tab that allows you to see mentions of your name. or they might direct message you for your e-mail address so you can
  • It’s nice that you are only allowed 140 characters. it would be too overwhelming with more.
  • It’s less personal than FB, but can be more personal if you want it to be. the focus is more on information sharing than anything else.
  • it is a great way to drive people to things you want to drive them to. i got a lot of hits on my blog from twitter because a majority of my followers are already interested in the things i write about on my blog. you can create a brand and build its credibility to a very targeted demographic on twitter by being consistent and providing good information that they want.

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