My Favorite Social Media Blogs

It’s no shocker that there are thousands and thousands of social media blogs out there. In no particular order, here are some of my favorites:

TopRank Online Marketing. The writers of this blog have been around the block and their ideas are always backed by solid research and interesting case studies.

Web Ink Now. Love his writing style…and he always seems to be ahead of the pack.

Jeff Bullas. This writer loves lists. And so do I. And therefore I love his blog.

CK’s B2B Blog. Killer use of multimedia. This blog is one to follow if you’re looking for B2B info.

Robin Dickinson. Another blogger recently wrote that this blog “is in itself a social media case study.” This guy really knows how to run high-powered conversion-focused online marketing campaigns.

Karen Swim. For some reason, I always leave this blog in a good mood. And always with new ideas or a better understanding of something important. Those qualities, to me, equal a darn good blog.

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