MPW Wins Award of Excellence for National Print Ad.

The ad agency I work for, MPW Marketing, located here in Central New York, has won loads of awards for our Totaline ad campaign. Here’s a press release I wrote about a recent award:

MPW Marketing, a Clinton-based advertising agency, recently won an advertising excellence award for a print ad they created for Totaline, a division of Carrier Corporation.

MPW received the award based on the results of a study that found the ad to be highly remembered by readers of the national publication in which it was featured. The study reports that 77% of readers recalled the ad.

This is not the first award MPW has won for their zany Totaline ad campaign. Over the last two years, MPW received 19 Readex Awards for their memorable ads. “We’ve created over 50 print ads for Totaline but continually challenge ourselves to come up with increasingly imaginative and visually-compelling ads,” said Sara Furlong, MPW account creative.

However, MPW owner Matt Wilson points out that the company’s pride in the award runs deeper than creativity. “The really great thing about this award is it is based on statistically-sound research that measures the effectiveness of the ad. It is true we always try to come up with creative and surprising ideas, but our number one goal at MPW Marketing is to give our clients a product that works because it speaks to their target audience.”

Totaline marketing manager Jim Flynn agrees. “With the amount of money we spend advertising in these national publications, it is great to know our ads are being remembered by the right people,” he said.

In addition to creativity and good strategy, MPW Marketing attributes their success in the Totaline print ad campaign to Nancy L. Ford, the Utica-based photographer who shoots the Totaline ads. “We come to Nancy with some pretty crazy ideas and she’s never failed us in bringing them to life,” Furlong explained.

The award-winning Totaline print ads created by MPW can be viewed at

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